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Vajrasana ( Thunderbolt Posture )

Vajra means a flash of lightening with thunder of clouds and a diamond also, indicative of adamantine hardness. As the name suggests, it symbolizes that a Yogi can not be disturbed by any thing if sitting and meditating in perfect Vajrasana. This is Japans ‘Zen saints’ most preferred Posture, sitting on calves & heels. (Japanese, traditionally take their tea, breakfast and meals in this Asana).

Leaving the body free with head, neck & trunk of the body aligned straight right vertical, breathing freely and diaphragmatically, Perineum region touching the floor, eyes gently closed, face forward and gaze fixed on tip of the nose or in front, are the indications of perfect sitting posture. Asana is the foundation laid for meditation. Physically and mentally steady sitting meditative posture is only possible after having followed the principles of Yama and Niyama as it is almost impossible to meditate with a sick, impure, worrying and egoistic mind and body. In a broader sense, all the eight steps or organs of Yoga are practiced simultaneously. Any differentiation is only due to ignorance or at the initial stage of Yoga practice.

1. Be seated, preferably facing east (or north, as alternative) comfortably in any one of the meditative postures like Maitri Asana (Friendship Posture), Padmasana (Lotus Posture), Ardha Padmasana (Semi Lotus Posture), Swastic Asana (Auspicious Posture) or Vajrasana.

2. Eyes gently closed  and palms resting over knees, Thumb and index finger tips locked (Gyana-Mudra), spine, neck and head vertically erected and (Perineum, Pubis, Navel, Chin and Eyebrow center) aligned in a perfect straight line, shoulders and elbows relaxed, Gaze (insight) fixed over tip of the nose or in front (at the eye level).

3. Keep face forward, chest elevated and top of the head aligned parallel to roof, not tilted in any of the four sides. Face relaxed, awareness totally focused on slowly and freely breathing, state of the mind perfectly indrawn, thoughtless, steady and meditative.